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When visiting Las Galeras or on a Cruise ship stop in Samana, you can count on Casa Dorado to coordinate your outings at sea. From adventuring into Samana Bay to see humpback whales to relaxing on the beach at Rincon, Casa Dorado organizes trips for two or twenty. Our experienced captain and guide will ensure you have a safe, fun trip.

Las Galeras is an easy taxi ride from the Samana boat dock, where the Cruise Lines dock.

Each year humpback whales return to Bahia de Samana to give birth and mate. From January until March, males compete for the attentions of females through a series of acrobatic activities including breeching, twirling and an activity called "spyhopping" in which the whale li fts its head out of the water for up to 30 seconds for a look around. Samana's whales are truly an international treasure and are fully protected by the Dominican government. Casa Dorado can arrange for a Whale Watching tour for our guests during the whale watching season.

$50/person for a minimum of 6 people.

Please contact us at
or call 1-829-933-8678 to learn more

At the foot of the surrounding mountains at the west end of the bay is Playa Rincon, "corner beach" in Spanish. Ranked among the finest beaches in the world, Rincon is a "must see" on any visitors list. Local women serve fresh coconut, fish and Dominican specialities right on the beach. You'll see the untouched hills around Playa Rincon on the 10 minute boat ride from the main beach in Las Galeras. Casa Dorado can show you undisturbed beaches in the area that only the locals know. Most are accessible by boat only.

Round-trip boat ride from Las Galeras main beach to Playa Rincon is $200 for up to 10 people. (7 or fewer passengers is $160).

Combo Trip - Snorkeling and Playa Rincon
Round-trip boat ride to la Playita for snorkeling with a local guide, followed by swimming at Playa Rincon. We provide all snorkeling equipment and ice cold water.

The price is $280 for up to 10 people.

Lunch at the Beaches
Fresh fish and seafood lunches can be ordered in the restaurants on La Playita or Playa Rincon for $9 – 18 per plate. Cold bottled water, sodas, local Presidente Beer and rum drinks are available in the restaurants.

Please contact us at
or call 1-829-933-8678 to learn more

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Snorkeling Trip at La Playita
La Playita offers the best snorkeling in the area. Up to 10 people can snorkel from La Playita Beach. We provide all snorkeling equipment, snorkeling guide and ice cold water. After snorkeling you can relax on La Playita beach. Lunch and drinks can be ordered from either of the two restaurants on La Playita.

The price is $180 for up to 10 people.

Snorkeling Trip at Playa Fronton
Playa Fronton is another great snorkeling beach only accessible by boat. We provide the boat ride, all snorkeling equipment, snorkeling guide and ice cold water. After snorkeling you can relax on Fronton beach. Lunch and drinks can be pre-ordered and prepared by the small restaurant on Playa Fronton.

The price is $260 for up to 10 people.

Please contact us at
or call 1-829-933-8678 to learn more


Frequently Asked Questions about Excursions from the Cruise Ship

How do we meet our taxi in Samana? As you exit the tender in Samana, there will be many taxis waiting.  Look to your right as you come up the steps and your driver will have a Casa Dorado sign.  The taxi will bring you straight to Las Galeras to begin the excursion.

How is the trip from Samana to Las Galeras? How long us the boat ride?
It is 18 miles from Samana to Las Galeras.  The road from Samana to Las Galeras is final finished.  It is a smooth, beautiful drive.     The drive takes less than 30 minutes.  The boat ride is 12-15 minutes and you usually spend 3-4 hours on Playa Rincon.

What time do we return to the cruise ship?
When you arrive in Las Galeras, we decide the return time from Rincon.  Often the cruise ship changes the last tender based on when it arrives.  So we use that time and your personal preference to set the return time.  We always aim to have you back to Samana at least one hour before the last tender. But most boats leave Playa Rincon between 3:30 and 4PM to meet the taxi and head back to Samana.

What is on Playa Rincon?
There are lounge chairs for rent($5) and several shady areas where you can set yourself up on the beach.  The restaurants sell bottled water, sodas, local Presidente Beer and rum drinks(Cuba Libre, Coco Loco).  Two women provide massages on the beach for $20/half hour and several braid hair.  There are several uniformed Playa Rincon vendors who walk the beach selling delicious coconut bread and cigars.  There are very low-key and you shouldn’t feel pressure to purchase anything. 

How do we order in the restaurants? 
You are free to check out the 3 restaurants.  We recommend Rubi’s Restaurant, the restaurant in the middle with the orange sign.  Your boat captain will show you the cooler where they hold the fresh lobsters and various fish and you can choose what you want.  The meals come with rice and beans, tostones or french fries.

What should we bring?
Sunscreen, towels, sunhats and your flexibility.  Remember this area is newly touristed and Samana does not have a long history of service that you expect in North America.  Playa Rincon is working hard to service the tourists, but it may not always look like what you are used to.

Is there some way I can help the local community? Casa Dorado has developed a relationship with the public school in Las Galeras.  Many visitors bring school supplies, children’s books in Spanish, to othbrushes/toothpaste and old children’s clothes as donations.  Please let us know if you would like more info about this.